About Rag Rugs

Most of my rugs are 24” wide.  Narrow or wider widths can be done by custom ordering.  My Rugs are usually hemmed, but I can also do fringes or braids upon request.  The measurement of rugs does not include the fringe or braid.


My rugs are all triple threaded, which means that the loom has three threads together for a stronger group of warp.  It also allows the fabric to rise above the threads, so you are walking on the fabric instead of the warp. This will give you longer wear for the rug.


Rugs made with natural (off white), black or colored warp that are made of poly-cotton fibers.  The manufacturer of the warp says that the rugs should be washed on a gentle cycle or using a front loading washer, and line dried. High heat will break down the warp thread quicker.


You may find some loose threads in your new rug. Although it is the look of rag rugs you may trim them if you don't like them. Please cut them instead of pulling.


To care for your rag rugs, machine wash with cold or warm water on a gentle cycle.  I hear the front loading washer also work great.  Line dry for best results.  If your rug contains corduroy or chenille there may be some fiber shedding the first time you wash it, so wash separately.  The fluffed afghan selvage rugs should be washed in a front loading washer for best results, but a gentle cycle could also work. Please shake these rugs on a regular basis to remove dirt and dust.  If you do shake them out they don't need to be washed very often if used in a low traffic area, or where shoes are removed.