Place Mats

These place mats are all hand woven. There are a variety of finishes; fringes, knots, beads, or hemmed. Most are 12 inches wide and lengths are between 15” and 17”. All the place mats are machine washable in warm water, gentle or normal cycles. Line dry so the warp threads are not exposed to high temperatures which will weaken the fibers.

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Blue and Lime Handwoven Place Mats (set of 4)
This set of four handwoven place mats contain blues and lime green. The blue fabrics ranges from ..
15.5" x 12"
Blue Hit-and-Miss Handwoven Place Mats (set of 4)
Here is a set of four place mats made with light, medium, and dark blues with an additional piece..
17" x 12"
Yellow Hit-and-Miss Handcrafted Place Mats (set of 2)
This set of 2 place mats are done with hit-and-miss yellows. The darker yellow shows up as stripe..
16" x 12.5"