Afghan Selvage

These hand woven rugs are made with afghan selvage. The loose threads in the fluffed version are pulled up before packing the base tightly into the warp threads.  The finished rugs have an extra soft, fluffy texture that feels wonderful on your bare feet.  A simple shake outdoors removes any dust and dirt that collects and restores the fuzzy feel. You can also vacuum them.  These rugs are ideal for bathrooms and beside your bed. Spot cleaning or hand washing is the safest way to clean them, but some customers say front loading  and/or top loading washers work fine for these rugs. Use a gentle cycle.  Line dry.

When Afghan Selvege is woven flat, with the triple threading on the loom, it's packed so that you don't see much of the warp thread, but the threads are mostly contained.  Some loose threads are along the edges and trimmed so there is many an inch or so of these loose strands. Use these types of rugs anywhere you want a soft feel.  They are a thick rug.  Washing instructions are the same as the fluffed ones.

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Afghan Selvege, Striped Handwoven Rug
This flat woven, afghan selvage rug was handwoven with stripes of various widths. There is a vari..
27" x 25"
Blue Fluffed Handwoven Rug
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } This medium blue, fluffed, afghan selvege rug is thick rug ..
36" x 25"
Brown Shaggy Hand Woven Rug
Here is a beige-brown rug that fluffs up as you shake it. It measures 42 inches long by 25 inches..
42" x 25"
Handwoven Blue Shaggy Rug
This blue handwoven rug is fluffed up so it resembles a shag rug but much softer. It’s thick! Thi..
44" x 25"
Handwoven Blue, Red, Green Rug
This hand-woven rug was made with afghan selvage and then some of the loose fibers were pulled to..
43" x 26"
Handwoven Gray Rug
This super soft gray rug was handwoven with afghan selvage. It’s 26 inches long of textured bliss..
26" x 28"
Handwoven Gray, Black and Red Fuzzy Rug
The gray, black, and red colors of this rug make it a lovely accent piece for any room. The afgha..
35" x 26"
Handwoven Red Afghan Selvage Rug
Country red afghan selvedge was flat woven on the loom to make this rug. The edges are left loose..
39" x 25"
Small Gray Hand Woven Rug
This super soft gray rug was handwoven with afghan selvage. It’s 15 inches long of textured bliss..
15" x 24"
Striped Afghan Selvege Woven Rug
This rug done with afghan selvage was handwoven on a floor loom. The colors are muted brown, gree..
38" x 26"
Yellow Fluffed Handwoven Rug
Yellow afghan selvedge was fluffed while weaving. It’s just like a shag rug! This hand woven rug ..
31" x 24"
Yellow Handwoven Rug
This small yellow rug might quickly become your favorite for bare toes! It's 20 inches long and 2..
20" x 25"