Green & Brown

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Brown Shaggy Hand Woven Rug
Here is a beige-brown rug that fluffs up as you shake it. It measures 42 inches long by 25 inches..
42" x 25"
Brown with Green Hand Woven Rug
This rug was made with brown and green t-shirts. They were cut into loops and then woven on my la..
49" x 26"
Cinnamon Brown Hand Woven Rug
Cinnamon brown fabric was used to hand weave this 38 inch long rug. It measures 24 inches wide. T..
38" x 24"
Dark Brown with Oragne, Green, Cream Handwoven Rug
The dark brown in this rug contrasts nicely with the orange, green, and cream insets. This handwo..
37" x 24"
Dark Brown, Orange, Cream Handwoven Rug
This hand woven rug is mostly dark browns with darker orange peeking out here and there. A touch ..
42" x 25"
Dark Brown, Tan, and Pink Handwoven Rug
Here's a matching set of rugs done with different dark brown fabrics as well as tan, pink and jus..
50" x 24"
Golden Brown Knit Roping Hand Woven Rug
Golden brown knit roping makes this hand woven rug unique. It’s tightly packed so you don’t see t..
34" x 25"
Green and Cream Woven Rug
This rug was made with sweatshirts! It has a softer feel to it than a cotton woven fabric. It mea..
33" x 24"
Green and Navy T-shirt Hand Woven Rug
p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { } This T-shirt rug was hand woven into a 46 inch lo..
46" x 27"
Green and Wine Hand Woven Rug
Dark green fabric was mixed with a lighter green, wine, and cream to get this 49 inch long rug. T..
49" x 35"
Green and Yellow Hand Woven Loom Rug
Greens and yellows are mixed for this cute little rug. There are also spots of orange scattered a..
23" x 24"
Green Hit-and-Miss Handwoven Rug
Here’s a hit-and-miss style rug done with a large amount of mint and dark green. You’ll also see ..
23" x 24"
Green, Gold, White Handwoven Bathroom Rug
Here is a handwoven rug designed to be used in the bathroom. It measures 20 inches long and 25 in..
20" x 25"
Hand Woven Forest Green Rag Rug
This 23 inch by 24 inch rag rug was handwoven using off-white warp threads. The warp is triple th..
23" x 24"
Hand Woven Rag Rug
There are a multitude of colors and fabrics in this hand woven rug. Look for red, orange, yellow,..
43" x 23"
Handwoven Brown Rug
This hit-and-miss style rug is done with a mixture of brown fabrics, black, and beige. Other colo..
29" x 24"
Handwoven Brown, Tan, Black, etc Rug
This is a hit-and-miss rug using brown, black, tan, gold, white, and gray. It measures just 19 in..
19" x 24"
Hit-and-Miss Green Handwoven Rug
Hit-and-miss style puts a whole lot of different green fabrics together and makes for a fun looki..
29" x 24"